Since 2007, AdorkaStock (formerly SenshiStock) has been working as a pose reference model and photographer to bring the artistic community work-safe reference photos. Reference photos are an integral part of creating realistic works; artists for thousands of years have utilized in-person models and later photographs to help them understand anatomy, foreshortening, and proportion to give their artworks life. While the idea of stock photos for artists is not new, AdorkaStock provides reference photos you would not find elsewhere: the AdorkaStock collection is dedicated to providing diverse images of people of all genders, all races, and most importantly, of all body types, making it easier than ever to create artwork exactly as desired. Better yet, because all of the AdorkaStock resources are safe-for-work, they can (and have!) be used in teaching environments for artistic exercises and practice.

AdorkaStock photo references are released under the Creative Commons license which allows free use of the works to artists across the globe in various stages of their artistic journey. They are available in many formats including digital downloads, physical print products, and 360° videos.

Sarah Forde runs AdorkaStock and she is the main model. She began making stock for her own pose reference material for her work as an artist and illustrator. Over the years Sarah has invested in upgrades to her studio to increase the quality of the references including professional lighting and a custom bodysuit with anatomy markers. She has spent a lot of time talking with artists about what resources would best serve them and working hard to expand the resources she provides to meet the new creative challenges and goals they face. Though she doesn’t draw as much these days, she remains dedicated to providing the artistic community with lots and lots of inspirational poses!

Sarah’s current passion is creating one-of-a-kind nerdy hair bows. You can see her art at AdorkaBows.com.