AdorkaStock NFT, Computer Generated Image Information & Disclaimer

AdorkaStock does not mint or sell any pose references as NFTs. I will not make any NFTs with my photos.
People who make NFTs that use AdorkaStock photos have minted, sold, and listed them without permission or consent from me or my models.

They are illegal, illegitimate, and a violation of my very generous copyright. Knock it off, you sods.

Why are NFTs horrible?

Also, AdorkaStock images are CC licensed but I would prefer you do not use them in “AI” computer generated image systems. I believe these systems to be built unethically and do not support their use in commercial spaces.

If you use my images in the creation of computer generated images against my personal wishes you are required by the CC license to credit and notify me of the use.
I will not be amused.

unimpressed adorkastock who now hates NFTs <– My face when thinking about your stupid techbro ponzi schemes and shitty art rip off machines