Themed Packs

Themed Packs purchased through GumRoad offer artists advanced access on many conceptually similar images at once.

Paid Stock Packs are affordably priced packs that are rotated regularly to bring new variety to your resource collection. Old packs are retired then moved into submission rotation in the DeviantArt gallery. Purchasing a paid pack gives you access to all the images at once, years before they will be released publicly.

Premium Packs are more permanent themed packs which feature special content available only through GumRoad.

Premium Packs

Premium Pack: Expressions
The SenshiStock Expression Pack includes 133 expressions, each from 3 points of view for a total of 399 photos.
Premium Pack: Sinned-Angel Romance
This Premium Pack is a featured set of 46 romance images from the collaboration shoot with Sinned-Angel-Stock!
Premium Pack: Group
SenshiStock, Jademacalla, Null-Entity, and PirateLotus-Stock got together in May 2018 for a weekend photoshoot.

Paid Packs

Book Pack
- 20 Standing Poses- 24 Sitting/Kneeling Poses- 25 Partial Body/PortraitsBook(s) as a theme & prop!
Prince Tico Highlight Pack
46 full body male poses featuring latino model Prince Tico
Back Pack
50 pose references where the model is facing away or mostly away from the camera.
Mermaid Collab Pack
111 underwater pose references where the model is wearing a mermaid tail.
Cinematic Katana Pack
115 full body female model poses holding a white hilted katana; poses include theatrical themes and are not intended to be technically accurate poses for katana use.
Good Angel Bad Angel Pack
65 photo pose references with a good angel/bad angel theme.
Clothed Pack
32 full body images of clothed models in various situations.
It's For Art, I Swear - SenshiStock T-Shirt
Recently unearthed from the vault, these few remaining shirts are remnants from a 2013 Kickstarter campaign to make the SenshiStock To Go book!
High Perspective Pack
106 refs from a high perspective (some are a collab with Sinned-angel-stock)NOTE: This is a 2019 pack and as such, the images have started being put into public rotation for release through DeviantArt.
Flip Flap Flopping Pack
52 full body poses of a model in motion as if thrown, tossed, tripped, or otherwise flopped.
Starlight & Nova Pack
53 photo reference images of two transgender models interacting in various ways; Sailor Starlight, a trans woman, is 6'3" and Prince Nova, a trans man is 4'9" Price Nova is also a left arm amputee.
Prince Tico Weapons Pack
77 full body pose references with Tico as the model and some kind of weapon, none of which he is trained formally to use.
Portrait Pack
90 portrait pose references with form fitting clothing and various themes.
Underwater III Pack
The much anticipated Underwater III Pack has 53 single model, underwater poses featuring near weightless swirling and twirling.
The Handy Hand Book - DIGITAL PDF ONLY
PoseMuse x AdorkaStock Pose Deck
60 card pose reference deck with photo reference by AdorkaStock (formerly SenshiStock) on one side, and a cross contour drawn work up by PoseMuse on the flipside.
The Handy Hand Book - Book & PDF
4/2 Update: Thank you SO much for all the orders!
Trio Pack
The Trio Pack has an assortment of 104 pose reference images featuring three models in a variety of themes and perspectives.
Chair Pack
50 pose references with a model in a grid zentai suit, sitting on a chair with various props (gun, staff, wine glass).
Low Perspective Pack
92 Creative Commons licensed, single model, pose reference images with a low or floor perspective - collaboration with Sinned-Angel-Stock